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Ranjit Dhillon Digital Marketing Director’s Extreme Brief Raises £100,000 For Charity


Head of Design, Head of Online, Digital Director, Online Director, Group Online Marketing Manager, Digital & Social Media Strategist, Senior Online Consultant - Ranjit DhillonRanjit Dhillon accepted a once-in-a-life-time challenge which led to his most gruelling outdoor campaign in 20 years.

The task appeared simple; raise as much money as you can to help support local charities in The Gambia by purchasing a second-hand vehicle (worth approximately £100), drive it from your UK location, via a few deserts, to The Gambia, before getting as much money as possible for it at an organised local auction in Banjul.

You have about 5 weeks to complete the mission, before finding your way back home to the UK.
If, during the drive, your vehicle breaks down, or falls apart, as a cheap banger might, you have to abort the mission, and go home.

The Plymouth-Dakar Challenge

The Plymouth-Banjul Challenge, previously called the Plymouth-Dakar Challenge, is an annual charity drive. It’s not a race or a competition; it was first run in 2003, to Dakar.

It roughly follows the route of the more-famous Dakar Rally.

Participants travelling from Europe normally go to Tarifa in Southern Spain. The route runs through Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal, and into The Gambia.

To find out how much money Ranjit Dhillon and his commrades raised, scroll to the bottom.

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An unbelievable £100,000 + was raised for charities

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