Extreme Brief

Ranjit Dhillon Digital Marketing Director’s Extreme Brief Raises £100,000 For Charity

Extreme Brief

Proven experience, at a senior level, of leading every aspect of Ecommerce with a solid track record of site optimisation and innovation across multiple online channels and expertise in delivering a best in class customer experience. Outstanding experience of expanding reach and increasing traffic, sales and rates of conversion.

An acknowledged expert in online media strategy encompassing digital design, search engine, SMS, email, SEO, PPC, affiliate, aggregator, digital display, social media, lead generation, mobile and digital marketing tools, standards and techniques, and a proven ability to develop and implement above (ATL) and below (BTL) the line marketing and segmentation models. An entrepreneurial, results oriented and dynamic individual with excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to engage with and influence senior level stakeholders and decision makers and to consistently achieve planned performance outcomes and increased revenue.

The Plymouth-Dakar Challenge

The Plymouth-Banjul Challenge, previously called the Plymouth-Dakar Challenge, is an annual charity drive. It’s not a race or a competition; it was first run in 2003, to Dakar.

It roughly follows the route of the more-famous Dakar Rally.

Participants travelling from Europe normally go to Tarifa in Southern Spain. The route runs through Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal, and into The Gambia.

To find out how much money Ranjit Dhillon and his commrades raised, scroll to the bottom.

See his expedition pictures

An unbelievable £100,000 + was raised for local children’s charities

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