Content – SEO – PPC

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Content – SEO – PPC

It was not that long ago when I would often say to my peers “Content is king.”

However, today I’m more likely to say ‘Frequent Content is King ‘ –  it has to be “Fresh, Relevant, Engaging, Quality, Unique, Entertaining, Natural and Transparent”. This rapid movement in content changes means, if you want to drive targeted traffic to your website you may have to seriously consider changing your current approach or strategy and adapt it in line with what consumers want to read.

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High-level tips

You may want to start by putting together a content strategy along the following principles;

First class customer UX (User Experience) online should be a key priority – I’ve always believed, you should put the customer at the heart of what you do and in your business. ‘Happy customers always lead to happy campers’.

  • Your content strategy should be produced with the customer in mind.
  • Content could be used to support SEO strategy inbound/outbound – all marketing channels.
  • PPC ads and site landing page content could be produced based on Social keyword and trend analysis.
  • Best practice content guidelines should be produced for web/mobile site.
  • Content should always follow company Brand Guidelines where fitting.
  • Note, content production could also be influenced by A/B and multi-variant learning’s.
Content could be;
  • PPC focused on keyword learning’s to produce key landing pages.
  • SEO focused on keyword learning’s to produce key landing pages (onsite/inbound).
  • Social content focused on PPC/SEO keyword and social engagement conversations to produce landing pages (onsite/inbound).
  • Build key Affiliate partner landing pages on your site (outside PPC/SEO strategy).
  • Build key Online Display landing pages reflecting the customer journey for re-targeting and new customer acquisitions.
  • Email/RAF landing pages to reflect content written in articles when sending a mail-shot.
  • Build campaign led website landing pages (to support SEO/PPC activity).
  • Build competition led website landing pages (to support SEO/PPC activity).
  • Build key pages, required from the consumer behaviour through insight from your website analytics.
  • Pages, required from search-terms through insight on your website ‘SEARCH BOX’.
  • Pages, required from insight through ‘Key customer UX tools’ on your website.
  • Pages, required from insight through ‘competitor analyses’.
  • Landing page on how to ‘Switch’ and Come back to your website with e.g. step-by-step guide.
  • Offers page/section could also be considered to support your marketing campaigns.

Technology considerations

  • Deep link already captured data– where you can carry already submitted content across from referring traffic to your website (e.g. aggregators and affiliates).
  • Dynamic pages – those that are created following descriptors from your marketing activity. E.g. PPC ad description which could land on a targeted keyword page that dynamically updates related content on your website.
  • Take leanings and gather converting keywords from any A/B testing tools you may be using.
  • Consider a content management system for your in-house channel managers or third party Agencies to build keyword channel & targeted marketing pages on the fly on your website.