Experience [CV/Bio]

Ranjit Dhillon offers over 20 years’ experience as a successful Digital Growth Director / Head of Online / Head of Ecommerce.

Experience [CV/Bio]

Award winning Head of Online with extensive experience of setting the strategic direction and driving the achievement of online sales and profit objectives for blue chip organisations operating across a wide range of business sectors.

Proven experience, at a senior level, of leading every aspect of Ecommerce with a solid track record of site optimisation and innovation across multiple online channels and expertise in delivering a best in class customer experience.

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Outstanding experience of expanding reach and increasing traffic, sales and rates of conversion. An acknowledged expert in online media strategy encompassing digital design, search engine, SMS, email, SEO, PPC, affiliate, aggregator, digital display, social media, lead generation, mobile and digital marketing tools, standards and techniques, and a proven ability to develop and implement above (ATL) and below (BTL) the line marketing and segmentation models. An entrepreneurial, results oriented and dynamic individual with excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to engage with and influence senior level stakeholders and decision makers and to consistently achieve planned performance outcomes and increased revenue.
  • 1)Online / Digital Marketing
  • 2)Strategic Management
  • 3)Multi Channel Experience
  • 4)Traffic Generation
  • 5)Digital Design Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • 6)Paid Search (PPC)
  • 7)Affiliate Marketing
  • 8)Social Media
  • 9)Lead Generation
  • 10)Digital Marketing Tools
  • 11)Multi-Channel Expertise
  • 12)eCRM
  • 13)Digital Advertising
  • 14)Radio
  • 15)TV
  • 16)Social Media Branding
  • 17)Above the Line Marketing
  • 18)Below the Line Marketing
  • 19)Segmentation Models
  • 20)Campaign Management
  • 21)Multi-Lingual Markets
  • 22)Market Segmentation
  • 23)Resource Management
  • 24)Client Engagement
  • 25)Business Relationship Management
  • 26)Reporting & Analytics
  • 27)Budget and Cost Management
  • 28)Team Building
  • 29)Performance Optimization Information Security
  • 30)Business Case Development
  • 31)Requirement Analysis
  • 32)Influencing
  • 33)Negotiation Skills
  • 34)B2B Marketing Solutions
  • 35)B2C Marketing Solutions
  • 36)Commercial Acumen
  • 37)Global Brand Alignment
  • 38)Agency Management<
  • 39)Project Management
  • 40)Performance Management
    • Led Lycamobile’s and Lyca Group’s global digital transformation strategy across desktop, mobile and app platforms. Hired, developed and mentored a team of 16 digital marketing experts to support a multi-million-pound marketing budget. Substantially increased digital sales to enable Lycamobile and Lyca Group to achieve turnover of $1.6 bn.
    • Improved Lycamobile Group’s digital footprint globally implementing a responsive technical plan – up 23 countries;
      launched all Social Media channels and implemented brand amplification strategies on Facebook to improve ‘likes’ from 11k to 138k – Up 1,154%
    • Developed and led Vonage’s digital marketing strategy across desktop and mobile platforms. Increased unique year-on-year visitors to the Vonage UK site in 2012 improving online CR’s by 15%. Substantially improved Vonage’s marketing Return on Investment (ROI) significantly reducing CPA and SLAC across all online marketing channels.
    • As Group Online Marketing Manager at Citybond plc (Flexicover.co.uk), managed the development and launch of the company’s digital strategy for addressing the B2C market. Improved unique travel insurance policy sales from 55,000 to 196,000 per annum (by 256 per cent), and increased GWP from £4.1million to £7.4 million in 2011.
    • At HExpress (healthexpress.co.uk) established the growth strategy designed to increased sales and profitability. Implemented online tracking to obtain a more in-depth customer profile. Restructured the ‘look and feel’ and functionality of the site to improve the customer journey. Increased conversion rates by 15% within 3 months.
    • As Head of Online Design & UX at the Financial Times Business Portal (FT.com) successfully created and developed the FT.com site, to generate revenues of £35 million per annum. Created opportunities for advertising which generated revenues of £14 million per annum.
    • Successfully devised and managed online campaigns for clients operating across a wide range of business sectors including finance, travel, healthcare, telecommunications, publishing, new media and commercial. Gained additional experience of working with clients in a multi-lingual online environment in 23 countries.
    Digital Growth, Marketing Optimisation
    UX and Ecommerce Consultant
    Jan 2018 – Present

    • Working with clients in a range of business sectors to prioritise and implement website optimisations.
    • Advising key stakeholders on strategies to drive conversions and improve the customer online experience.
    • Identifying barriers to conversion and championing improvement initiatives, thinking innovatively and analytically.
    • Creating development ‘roadmaps’ for clients and taking responsibility for managing relationships with both internal development teams and external development agencies and 3rd party suppliers to deliver key online initiatives.
    • Overseeing digital marketing activity across search, affiliates and display to deliver profitable traffic growth to budget and to scale with the objective of improving the customer experience and increasing profitable revenue.
    • Working alongside product, design, retail, creative and marketing teams to ensure that Ecommerce requirements are fed into the business and branding strategy.
    • Engaging effectively with cross functional support teams (IT, operations, finance, PMO) to ensure that development projects fully meet business needs and are delivered to scope, on schedule and within the agreed budget.
    Head of Ecommerce (Global) (HealthExpress.co.uk)

    Hexpress is a leading private online Doctor and Pharmacy provider operating across 8 countries globally

    Apr 2018 – Jan 2019
    • Contracted to help set Hexpress’s future global Ecommerce, digital and customer engagement strategy.
    • Helped drive improved CMS, UX, Sales and KPI reporting functionality.
    • Hired and set up a global operations marketing and UX team with core leads including PPC, SEO, Affiliate, Email/SMS’s, Social Media, Content, Insight & Data and a Head of Online Acquisition & Retention.
    • Recruited agencies to deliver strategy, I also helped set-up an internal business growth & product development team.
    • Successfully improved website UX which led to a 3% customer CR improvement online within 3 months.

    Lycamobile Group (Lycamobile.com)
    Head of Online

    May 2013 – Dec 2017

    Lycamobile is a leading solution for those who want to connect and call back home. Lycamobile offers low-cost high-quality international calls to over 15 million customers across 23 countries today

    • Managed 16 digital experts to support Lycamobile and Lyca Group global digital operations – Up 12 specialists.
    • Increased Lycamobile’s digital revenues by millions of pounds & 147%.
    • Implemented SEO strategies that uplifted SERPs on page 1 from 450 to 3k+ keywords – Up 566%.
    • Successfully delivered new country launches, UX and e-commerce functionalities online from 15 to 23 – Up 53%.
    • Launched digital global affiliate program, delivering 1 to 3 tier partnership opportunities from 0 to 2,864 – Up 2.8k.
    • Increased affiliate global partner impressions, raising digital brand awareness from 0 to 111,664,743 – Up 111k%.

    Vonage UK (vonage.co.uk)
    Director of Online Marketing

    Dec 2011 – May 2013

    Leading provider of low-cost communications services, connecting individuals through broadband devices worldwide

    • Developed and led Vonage’s UK online, digital and mobile strategy, managing all marketing budgets.
    • Responsible for all Mobile, Email, SEO, PPC, Affiliate, online display and social media marketing channels.
    • Responsible for radio, TV, DR TV, outdoor, press and brand-awareness marketing channels.
    • Managed all marketing programs for new, existing, and emerging, desktop and mobile platforms.
    • Responsible for driving sales, acquisition, retention and customer loyalty.
    • Responsible for delivering targeted online propositions and marketing campaigns for the UK and the US.
    • Delivered online direction across consumer, business and international markets.
    • Directed site designs, UX and improved functionality tools for all key Vonage UK websites.
    • Increased YOY visitors to the Vonage website by 15 per cent in November 2012.
    • Significantly improved Vonage’s sales performance, marketing ROI and online CRs.

    Citybond plc (Flexicover.co.uk)
    Director of Online Marketing

    Jun 2005 – Nov 2007

    Travel insurance specialists, providing agents with innovative sales solutions both online and in-house

    • Improved unique customer policy sales by (256 per cent) from 55k to 196k p.a. in November 2011.
    • Dramatically improved passenger acquisition by (260 per cent) from 1m to 3.6m in 2011.
    • Increased GWP by (80 per cent) from £4.1m to £7.4m in 2011.
    • Significantly increased bottom-line commission by (66 per cent) from £1.8m to £3.0m in 2011.
    • Improved website conversion rate from 0.3 to 15 per cent within 3 months.

    BT (bt.com)
    Senior Digital Marketing Manager

    Jun 2005 – Nov 2007

    • Developed BT’s Consumer Voice channel’s automated online ordering system.
    • Launched BT’s Home Hub micro site, improving customer acquisitions to BT Broadband by 7 per cent.
    • Developed and launched BT Vision, BT’s premier set-top-box service in 2007.
    • Launched call packages and price offer website delivering over one million hits in the first week.
    • Improved landline customer conversion rates to over 4 per cent within the first two week of launch.
    • Launched BT Fusion, BT’s first online converged mobile solution in the UK in August 2005.
    • Played a key role in increasing BT Broadband sales to 35,000 per month in 2007.
    • Developed BT’s Consumer Voice channel’s automated online ordering system.
    • Launched and developed the BT Vision Service.

    Which Online (which.co.uk)
    Senior Online Creative Marketing Manager

    Jan 2004 – Mar 2005
    • Increased Which? Online subscription figures from 80,000 to 160,000 unique customers, in January 2005.
    • Implemented usability and accessibility standards, increasing monthly click-through rates by 500,000.
    • Prepared a strategic online plan for merging 35 sites into a single-entity portal.
    09/02 – 12/03 Senior Online UX Consultant RSe Consulting
    04/95 – 09/02 Head of Online Design & UX Financial Times Business Portal (FT.com)
    10/92 – 04/95 Senior Information Designer Financial Times Newspaper
    • Won Most Popular Website of the Year 2015 & 2016 awards in UK & France – Improved trust in brand & CR’s online
    • Increased online visitors from 0.5 to 3.5m – Up 133% (Lycamobile)
    • Cited by the Vonage Board as a key contributor to the step change in digital strategy and the shift to B2C & SME markets in the UK and the US and successfully targeting untapped markets and audience opportunities
    • Won AOP Online Publisher 2004 (consumer) Award
    • Awarded Citybond’s prestigious employee ‘Outstanding Contribution to Business Award’
    • Finalist, ITSPA Awards 2012 and Best Consumer VoIP Award 2012
    • Nominated at the Digital Campaign & Revolution Online Awards for the BT Home Hub site
    • Received two EPPY Awards for the FT.com site, the first non-US business to win the awards

    Sep 1988 – July 1992

    BA (Hons) Graphic Information Design     Falmouth University, Cornwall, UK

    A four-year degree, which included a nine-month work placement at Steven Spielberg’s Amblimation


    Ranjit Dhillon
    Address: London
    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ranjitdhillononlinedirector
    Web: https://www.ranjitdhillon.com/
    Nationality: British

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